Why have I founded ROJI and what does it actually mean?

I am asking myself the first question all the time for last two years and I still don’t have an exact answer.

The biggest mile stone was the moment when I walked into a shop with fabrics and had a chance to touch beautiful cloth made of the finest natural materials, which you see in the high street shop very rarely..

I picked up my sawing kit, joined a workshop about sawing and started to learn in the evenings. That was the time when I made the first piece – the first ever ROJI skirt.

A skirt that made people to turn their head on the street and I received a very positive reactions. With that in mind I found the strength to jump into the fashion business …

My passion is to create unique pieces that will be made out of the finest fabrics, that will be the foundation of every wardrobe that modern women need.

The answer to my second question is simple. It is the shortcut made out of my name – my initials – my identity.

ROJI is my “dream come true” reality. I really want to create something that I love and produce clothing with love and respect.

I have to say big thanks to all that support me and help me to move forward. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to make my dreams my reality!



Koncept ROJI was created with the respect to the craftsmanship and traditions. Most of our stuff is made of natural yarns and fabrics produced in Czech Republic and Italy. We don’t make compromise when it comes to choosing the best quality fabric and making of our collections, all of our pieces are handmade.


Customer’s needs

The core of our brand is to understand our client’s needs. We know that our tailored made clothing will be worn by our customers on daily basis and will be of the same quality for many years to come.

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